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The Scoop on Segregated Funds

Segregated funds are like regular mutual fund investments, with 75-100% of your net investments protected for your beneficiaries.

Investing with peace of mind

Segregated Funds, also known as "Guaranteed Investment Funds" or GIFs, allow you to invest for growth with less uncertainty by incorporating features not found in mutual funds, stocks, or GICS:

  • Guarantees on your principal – segregated funds are guaranteed to payout 75% or 100% of your net investment (original investment less withdrawals) or higher to your estate.

  • Reset Options – Segregated funds allow you to reset your guaranteed amount periodically to lock in gains for your beneficiaries.

  • Bypass probate – death benefits are paid directly to the named beneficiary instead of your estate, which helps simplify the complex, lengthy, and costly probate process.

  • Potential creditor protection* – by designating a qualified beneficiary, investments may be exempt from creditors in case of bankruptcy or litigation.

Who are Segregated Funds for?

  • Individuals looking to simplify the settlement of the estate.

  • Investors seeking tax-advantaged growth and retirement income.

  • Business owners who want to be sure of the value passed to beneficiaries.

  • Parents and grandparents who wish to be more certain about the value of their estate.

The earlier you start, the easier it will be.

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