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A "whole picture" Approach


Financial decisions have the potential to be a windshield that helps you see more clearly, or, an endless source of hope and fear! The challenge is not so much how to maximize wealth, but rather, how to manage your wealth to maximize life.  

Risk management is an essential element of financial planning. Too much or too little can be equally problematic.  The goal is to evaluate the options on a risk adjusted basis and ideally go from strength to strength with each new step you take.

RIGDEN FINANCIAL INC. was founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, under Rate Miser Ltd. in 2003 by company president Layth L. Matthews, author of "The Four Noble Truths of Wealth: a Buddhist view of economic life." Matthews became interested in mindfulness and finance concurrently in university in 1979. We believe these combined interests illuminate additional dimensions of wealth for our clients.   The company name was changed to RIGDEN FINANCIAL INC. in 2018 to acknowledge the integration of financial planning services. The company operates under the names Rigden Financial, Rigden Mortgage Architects (and RateMiser Mortgage Advisors in some jurisdictions). Rigden is an ancient word that means: full of wisdom.

Before launching RIGDEN FINANCIAL INC, Matthews worked as a stockbroker, financial planner, and a syndicated online talk show host, interviewing top investment managers, financial analysts, CEOs, economists, and pundits worldwide. Matthews's studies include a BA in Economics from the University of Washington, an MBA from Dalhousie University, and a Certificate in Macroeconomic Policy and Management from Harvard.


Layth Matthews bio


President & Lead Planner

Layth Matthews is a financial advisor with extensive training and almost 40 years of experience. He has been a stockbroker, investment planner, syndicated financial journalist, and mortgage broker. Layth also teaches business administration at the College of New Caledonia. He offers a holistic approach to financial decisions, including residential mortgage brokerage, retirement income and investment planning.



Mortgage Associate

Jo-anne Button is a business professional with over 20 years of experience, a degree in Commerce, and a passion for getting things done. With knowledge, experience, and a support network, Jo-anne will help you through the mortgage process from beginning to end. Whether you are a first-time buyer, refinancing, or looking to trade up, she will find the lender with the terms that are right for you.

Mark Headshot.JPG


Sales and Marketing Manager

With over twenty years of experience in managing projects of all kinds, Mark has a passion for innovation, creating genuine relationships and solving problems. Mark is in charge of systematizing client communications including regular updates, appointment scheduling, and online marketing. We're delighted to welcome him to the Rigden Financial team!

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